Ireland-based ceramic artist Clare Conway uses porcelain paper clay to create sculptures of paper in a variety of forms including sheets bearing printed documents, crumpled pieces, and shredded bits. Basing her work on real documents of personal significance, she presents the private affairs of her relationships with appropriate censoring and omission as an expression of "the anxiety of potential assessment on her personal life, and partly a revolt against the increasingly blurred line between public and private information in our current society due to social media platforms."

Her intricate work creates convincing imitations of real paper that are almost as thin and just as delicate, but they are fixed in their shape. While some are shown in a static state of being stacked in a pile, others reveal moments in the midst of paper being shredded. The pieces are given context as they are photographed next to a typewriter, and the artist includes censored messages on the sheets that lead an audience to become curious of their content. Reflective of society's increased tendency to be nosy about each other's business and to move through temporary obsessions, Conway leaves us curious about her notes and creates permanent documents on porcelain that may have otherwise been forgotten in the recycling (hopefully not trash) bin.

[via DesignMilk]


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