Let's be real, the Earth may not be deteriorating at the rate that perhaps George Orwell expected, but similarly related, the air quality in crowded living environments has been deeply affected by pollution, and thus has inspired some unusual but still credible design solutions. Recently, Taiwanese designer Chiu Chih, created "Voyage on The Planet," a project that engages with the idea of equipment qualified for survivng the potentially doomed urban societies that we occupy.

Chih focuses on the power of nature, specifically the future of the plant, and how as humans we may rely on its natural resources in order to survive. Chih notes the ever-changing landscape of our urban societies and how getting back to basics (within nature) may just save the human race. "Voyage on The Planet," brings attention to the decaying state of our planet, and questions what materials we may need in order to survive. Are you down for a plant-carrying backpack?

[via Designboom]