Wall Street bros are notorious for being quite a few things. Amongst the stereotypes are money-hungry douchebags and opulently-tacky dressers—hardly the people you should take fashion advice from. In their world, the more expensive always means the better, which, unfortunately, isn't true in most cases. Did we mention that many in New York (and in film) have a tendency to be douchebags, too?

To further prove this notion, Business Insider decided to have Twitter personality @GSElevator give advice on how to dress for Goldman Sachs. Besides just coming off as an elitist jerk giving awful tips on clothing, he also decided to say a ton of racist and classist things. Amongst them: "Don’t forget to get your housekeeper a decent shine kit for Christmas. And make sure she uses it."

Which, could only be topped by this amazing revelation on rich white dudes wearing Hermès ties: "Hermes ties are like Air Jordans for white people."

Sure, because only non-white people wear Air Jordans, right?

Also amongst the article's groundbreaking advice is the logic that Gucci and Prada are the two best brands, bright socks are for gay people, and that no one should wear a double-breasted blazer, Rolex, or wingtips.

And, the icing on the cake is the writer's preference towards full-Windsor knots, which should only be reserved for NFL analysts who dress like crap anyways.

The only reasonable advice given is stay away from square-toed shoes, which is drowned-out by the plethora of cliches the article perpetuates.

[via Business Insider]