Jon Buscemi wasn’t kidding when described his new brand, Buscemi, as “obnoxiously high quality consumer products.” By looking at the first collection alone you can tell that no expense is spared. The main highlight is a pair of Birkin bag-inspired shoes that overdoses on premium materials. Buscemi went in and added materials like Italian tumbled leather, calfskin lining, and 18k Gold plated hardware, which consist of a lock and pass-throughs. 

Another obnoxiously lux item that defies common convention is a leather wrapped skateboard deck. While we don’t see anyone doing kick flips on these boards anytime soon, they do make for a good home decoration.Normally we talk about quality over quantity, but these are just nuts.

Are these items practical? Hell no. But if you’re raking in the dough, what’s to stop you from copping these pieces? Visit the Union Los Angeles website to purchase.