Brian Wilson’s epic beard is here to stay. The former San Francisco Giants pitcher started a movement when he first started growing his facial hair during the team’s playoff run in 2010. Fans then followed suit by growing beards or wearing fake beards, and started chanting their own “Fear the Beard” motto during games.

Now with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Wilson still has his beard and no amount of money will get him to shave it off. offered the pitcher $1 million dollars to shave off his famous black beard. Usually a quick yes is the answer to these kinds of offers, but after little less than a week of contemplating, The Beard has politely turned down the offer.

Wilson is proud of his manly beard. He once described it as “dark because we play a lot of day games. It's tanned. It's focused." And the famous scruff is not going away anytime soon. According to his reps, it’s “going with him to the grave.”

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[via NY Daily News]