Urban interventions reimagine familiar public spaces by introducing new elements to standardized places. Street artist Brad Downey is an expert at this art, and adds fun to a public park with an installation titled "Fountain." The piece features an old rusty bicycle, transformed into a functioning water fountain. The bike spouts water from either side of its handlebars, sourced from a canal where the water is returned. The installation is on display in Basel, Switzerland as part of the public art intervention exhibition Skultur II.

Downey has also created other fountain-inspired, water-realted works including "Every Path Has Its Puddle," which features two trash cans, and "Domesticated Waterfall," which pours water onto unsuspecting passersby. While water is not a lasting pigment, it is still visible and tangible, and can engage all people in appreciating its many uses.

[via Designboom]

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