We know that if we walked into your closet right now, there would be at least a couple sweatshirts folded up somewhere. Maybe you've copped a basic Champion hoodie, a zip-up with your college mascot on it, or maybe you splurged on grabbing a luxury offering made of the finest of wools. Either way, it's no surprise that the sweatshirt is just as much a high-brow item as it is something you literally sweat into.

Brands that have street and sportswear credibility pump out some clean, classic, and practical sweatshirt designs. However, you'd be surprised that big name, "capital F" fashion designers have crafted some luxe versions of the everyman staple as well.

We've gathered a selection of The Best Sweatshirts Out Right Now, from basic crewnecks to graphic hoodies. Take your mom's advice and pack a sweater. 

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