You can try to deny it all you want. You can say "man, I'm doing this for me!" But inside, you really know: You hope that photographers like Scott Schuman or Tommy Ton strolling through your hood with eyes wide open, amazed by your awesome style and ready to toss you up on their street style blog. But, unfortunately, these guys don't normally trek to the middle of nowhere, so if you want to be seen, you're gonna have have to go to them.

We scoured enough street style photos and noticed some key spots where the top dog photographers hang out, ready to capture all of the awesome style taking place. From New York to Paris, Berlin, and Tokyo, there's definitely a ton of globetrotting involved. But hey, those 15 seconds of Internet fame are TOTALLY worth it. Haven't you heard that Tumblr reblogs are the new currency? Toss on your weirdest outfit and head to one of The Best Street Style Spots on the Planet. 

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