ANIMALNewYork photographer Aymann Ismail found himself in the middle of a Muslim Brotherhood protest in Cairo recently and wrote a gripping article about the experience. Ismail inserted himself into the events like any good photographer would, joining a peaceful protest and gaining the trust of the people so that he could safely capture amazing photos.

The day turned scary as the group Ismail was a part of came across a vandalizer and an older man attempted to stop him. Soon, Ismail found himself on the wrong side of an angry mob, fighting to protect himself and his equipment. There is no way that we can do this story justice, you have to read it and check out the amazing photos for yourself here.

The danger that Ismail faced is lightwork compared to hundreds that lost their lives and the thousands that have been injured so far in Egypt, but his story is amazing nonetheless, and the fact that he was able to walk away from it virtually unscathed is nothing short of a miracle.

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[via ANIMALNewYork]



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