Marina Abramovic

For some people, Marina Abramovic deserves to be "Artist of the Week" every week. While some are quick to criticize her recent endeavors in mainstream culture—she's making a movie about James Franco's life, she did a performance art piece with Jay Z at Pace Gallery, she announced an art collaboration with Lady Gaga, and she created a Kickstarter to fundraise $600,000 for a new performance art institute in Hudson, NY—one must consider her past. THIS is the artist who sat in the MoMA for 736 hours with any visitors who wanted to see her. THIS is the artist who did performance pieces where she'd eat a raw onion, brush her hair until her head bled, and let visitors point a gun to her head. She's earned her place among the great artists of our time, and what does she do with that status? She spends her money on a place to teach others about her medium, and she's getting the support of other influential celebrities. 

This week alone, she was spotted at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center benefit with Lady Gaga, where the two posed on haystacks and ate a body-shaped cake. It's no surprise that they're spending time together, since Gaga announced earlier this month that they'll be collaborating for her forthcoming album, ARTPOP. Will it be for Gaga's VMA performance possibly? We can only hope. Then on Tuesday, Marina did an AMA on Reddit, where she remained open and honest throughout the questions, comments, and ridicule (someone thought asking her if she is a vampire was appropriate, so you know it got real). Shortly after, she shared a hilarious video where she tries (and basically fails) to tell a lightbulb joke. Of course, Marina ends the week with an appearance in Jay Z's "Picasso Baby" video on HBO (airing tonight), filmed earlier this month at Pace Gallery in Chelsea. Jay was inspired by "The Artist is Present" at MoMA, and paid an homage to her while she herself was there. The two swirled on a stage together, at times forehead to forehead, after she took off her belt and shoes to interact with him. It was momentous, and culture will never be the same. Cheers to Marina for owning this week, making strides with her Marina Abramovic Institute, and showing us that even awesome artists can fail at telling jokes, including lightbulb ones.