Artsy Launches Gallery Pages

I'm still trying to figure out Le Clair Obscur's PU_P3TS, which is definitely the runner-up to Artsy's launch of gallery pages. After all, the only thing that can match a performance art project where dancers' bodies become an augmented nervous system is the coolest art site on the Internet launching pages for galleries, showing their continued dedication to making all of the world's art available to anyone with an Internet connection. How cool is it that you can be ANYWHERE in the world and see OR buy work from a show at a gallery in New York City? It's revolutionary, and it's what makes Artsy continually awesome. I can't wait until more galleries sign on and update their pages, so that I can share the shows that get me excited about art with more and more people.

Also, if you're curious about Le Clair Obscur's project, here's a video from Creator's Project: