Angel Haze has made it really clear that she's interested in fashion. She's become great friends with designer Donatella Versace, who personally invites her to her fashion shows, to perform at events, and even gifts her with huge gold pendants. She's also expressed her IDGAF style, often wearing whatever it is she wants, regardless of what the people around her tell her. She has also name-dropped a few designers and brands in her song. And it turns out, she also has plans of collaborating with a famous designer.

Fashionista recently sat down with the female rapper and picked her brain about music and fashion. When asked which designer she'd like to work with in the future, Haze chose street goth favorite Rick Owens. "I love the goth ninja shit, it's so amazing, it's all me. Just give me a second, I'll be there," she told Fashionista

What would said collab entail? Your guess is as good as ours.

Anyway, the interview was pretty interesting. Check out the full article here to find out what else Haze had to say, including how her relationship with Versace started. 

[via Fashionista]