The Fiber Arts Guild of Pittsburgh has taken a cue from the Warhol Museum's live stream of Andy Warhol's grave on his birthday three days ago; they're about to yarnbomb the bridge dedicated to the late artist in Pittsburgh, PA. The "Knit the Bridge" project will have 1,847 artists covering the bridge in 600 blankets, financed by the $101,000 they raised from indiegogo, individual donations, and foundations. The group had to present a detailed plan to the city for approval, which included how they would remove the project afterward.

As they say in the introductory video, "This project takes collaboration to its extreme. Pittsburgh is a city of bridges and steel, so yarnbombing a bridge was the obvious choice. What makes this project unique is the immense amount of participation and the scale of the installation."

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[via PostGazette]