Online shopping has been the wave for a while now and you can buy just about anything these days with a few clicks on the trackpad. Thanks to, now you can add Fine Art to your cart along with that DVD of Krush Groove, the 24-pack of socks, and ink cartridges. Amazon Art is currently in the BETA stage, but the site is functional and there are around 40,000 works and 4,500 artists included for your browsing pleasure.

Categories include Photography, Under $200, Artists You Know, and a few other broad classifications that may or may not change as the site develops. We found pieces as expensive as Warhol's Flowers, 1964 for $1.15 million and as inexpensive as prints of Ryan Humphrey's Untitled (dollar bill), 2013 for $10, so there is really something for everybody.

Amazon Art is not the first site to provide a shopping cart experience for fine art. Sites like, Artsicle, and UGallery allow collectors to browse and buy works too, but they deal exclusively with art. Amazon deals in just about everything now, setting them apart from the pack. 

[via TechCrunch]

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