Amanda Seyfried's acting career has a come a long way. Starting as the notoriously dim-witted counterpart, Karen, of The Plastics in Tina Fey's Mean Girls, the actress has since starred in films like Les Miserables and animated motion picture Epic, alongside voices of Beyoncé Knowles and Aziz Ansari. And now, in lieu of promoting her newest film, Love Lace, Seyfried is striking a pose for French Glamour

And while she's worked her way up as an actress in the past few years, Seyfried's no stranger to the modeling game. Before acting was ever a hobby, much less a career, Seyfried was a model starting at the age fifteen. In her most recent spread and cover with French Glamour, Seyfried proves she's still got mad modeling chops. Sing, act, dance, model—what can't this girl do? All we can say is: work it, girl. 

[via Etoday]

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