The summer is winding down, and it only means one thing: It's time for back to school. Whether you were the most stylish dude at your respective place of education, or you're looking to step your swagger up a notch or two, holding down the crown of jiggiest dude on campus is a tough one. When you've gotta buy your own textbooks and learn how to budget, saving money is especially key, unless you want to eat ramen all year long.

Good thing dressing your best doesn't always mean spending the most cash. In fact, if you cut back on the right things, buy quality pieces, and focus on what's most important to your personal style, you'll still look dope, but actually have money to party. Think of it as a cheat code to obtaining cool. That's why we're looking out for your pockets as well as your reputation this school year. Since you're already trying to get back in the learning mindset, start studying up on these 10 Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Style for Back to School.

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