The suit is starting to change. No, we're not talking about just slimmer cuts worn with bright, bold socks. Menswear designers are starting to take tailored clothing and move it in a modern, fashion-forward direction that isn't afraid of demystifying the prestige of the suit—while creating pieces of the highest integrity.

Labels such as Abasi Rosborough are studying how the traditional blazer or suit fit a man's body and better improving the idea of classic menswear. The brainchild of Abdul Abasi (you probably know him as one of the coolest dudes at Nepenthes/Engineered Garments) and Greg Rosborough met while in school at FIT. Both designers have a distinct sense of style that is classic and futuristic at the same time. They're inspired by the fear of no change in the menswear, and wanted to disrupt the current pattern of tradition.

“I had a dream several years ago that I was an old man, and it was far in the future,” he told StyleZeitgeist. “I was in a fine menswear store looking through their offerings and couldn’t find anything other than classic suits, shirts, and ties. "I looked and searched, but there was nothing else there. The dream turned into a dark realization that, in my lifetime, men’s clothing had not evolved. I woke up and was haunted by this. And it electrified me into creating."

This illusion that menswear would never shape into something other than oxford shirts, paisley ties, and business-ready suits frightened Rosborough, and his label is a reflection of his disinterest in the never-ending cycle of traditional men's style. His fall/winter 2013 collection represents a drapey yet fitted blend of high fashion and suiting, and it's surely exciting. Will it catch on? If Rosborough can shatter the mold, then he has a chance.

[via StyleZeitgeist]