It’s almost hard to remember the days before Facebook and YouTube, but it was just over 20 years ago when you didn’t even have dial-up AOL yet. The rapid advancements in technology during the ‘90s changed everything before our very eyes. But as the World Wide Web opened up lines of virtual communication and information across the globe, some people still had to fight to protect their place in the real world. Civil rights struggles culminated in the Rodney King riots and the end of Apartheid, gay and women’s rights were also hot issues. Subcultures from grunge to goth, as well as skaters, b-boys, activists, and more emerged as another ways to claim an identity in an ever-expanding world.

All this diversity and newness also opened up some awesome possibilities and materials for artists, not to mention technologies like digital cameras, Photoshop, and CGI. Here are 20 Reasons Art Was Awesome in the '90s.

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