Zaha Hadid has a major exhibition at the Danish Architecture Center entitled Zaha Hadid- World Architecture. It contains objects, intermediate models, and photography that is meant to document Hadid's work and how they formed within a "progressive digital and geometric universe." For the showcase, an installation called "Parametric Space" has been made specifically for the exhibition.

The installation is interactive, responding to the movements of visitors. It is a room that looks innocent enough but if you step into it you will discover the ceiling is made out of a membrane that moves glowing funnel shapes towards you. The further you venture into the room, the further the funnel shapes approach you; if you decide to turn around and exit, the shapes recede. The interaction combined with the serene glowing lights create a wonderful experience.

The installation was made in collaboration with the design offices of Kollision, CAVI and Wahlberg. Two laser scanners are positioned to record dater about visitors to calculate the distances, which is how the project works. Watch a video below to see it in action.

[via Designboom]