Yelp has amassed about 39 million ratings and reviews about everything street culture. We're not saying those millions of write-ups are the best information out there, but people do find them handy from time to time. However this week the company upped the ante with a new feature that will allow you to find out what kind of people live in a specific region.

Wordmaps—heat maps allow you to search specific terms like hipster, frat, yuppie, and tourist for currently 14 major cities. You can see how often people use those terms in a given region, creating a map that shows concentration of the term in a shade of red (If you know anything about New York, you can tell that the map above shows the use of the word "hipster").

Basically the maps confirm stereotypes, however that can also be interesting. Want to live like the people in Portlandia? Here's where to hang:

Here's an interesting GIF via Slate that shows Chicago's concentration of  “cocktails” versus “BYOB” places:


You can visit the site yourself here.

[via Slate]