The largest building in the world is located in China, which should not be a surprise. But what is astounding is how much of a mammoth the architecture is. The new Century Global Center in Chengdu spans 1,600 feet long, 1,300 feet wide, and approximately 330 feet tall. That's a lot of space--which is necessary for the out of this world features of the building.

The center boasts a beach resort (yes, a man-made beach resort), shopping center, movie theater, and hotel. Altogether the premises measure 5.77 million-square-feet. That's three Pentagons, or about the size of Monaco. First, visitors walk into the 18-story tall glass atrium-covered entrance. Then they walk down an aquarium lined path, past a town of Polynesian huts, all leading to an epic 1,300 foot long wave pool breaking on the largest LED screen in the world.

The facility also houses offices, a theatre, and 1,000 deluxe hotel suites with a sea view. Speaking of, you're probably still wondering about that beach resort. Well, up to 6,000 visitors can populate their fake beach, which also has it's own artificial sun and artificial sea breezes. A video from the guardian claims the sunset stretches "limitlessly in the temporal and spatial directions." China, you so cray.

Below are some pictures and above is a video explaining all the features of the building. Click 9:28 for a look at the sun.

[via HuffingtonPost / Guardian]