If you stare at clothes obessively on the Internet all day and your friends clown you and say, "That's never going to get you laid, bro," you can now have facts to throw in their face. OKCupid, the bastion of online dating, has been tested out by menswear brand Arden Reed with the hopes it would prove that women really dig #menswear dudes. Seriously.

The brand went from city to city and uploaded a fake profile of a guy in a suit you've seen on men who wear square-toed shoes and carry backpaks around NYC, and another profile of the same bro, except he was wearing a well-fitting, slim suit.

And surprise, the ladies were more responsive to the well-dressed guy instead of the schlub. In Seattle, the guy in the tailored suit was almost three times more likely to get checked out than the guy in the three-button disaster. There, you have it: If you're looking for love via the Innanets, you're better off posting up a picture of yourself in clothes that don't suck. There's no word yet if this theory works in real life, too.

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[via Arden Reed]