Yo, shout outs to Adam Levine for consistently doing corny shit and still retaining A-list status. Levine is so popular, in fact, that the geniuses over at Kmart (the place I think of first when someone mentions "finger on the pulse of pop culture" ) have entrusted the Maroon 5 frontman to not only move merchandise out the door, but actually design the garments of his "222" collection, which is poised to hit stores in Whogivesafuckbruary. And, oh man, do they really want us to think he's a fashion designer and, based on the above video, he definitely believes he is one. Dude's got the overall designer look pretty down, if I do say so myself. You know, like, pointing at fabrics, looking at racks, saying shit like, "consistency," although he almost blows his cover as the super annoying lead singer of a terrible band (or, maybe, a Four Pins writer?) when he utters the phrase "fucking awesome." For more Adam Levine-centric articles, check out "Adam Levine's Guide To Life In General."