If you haven’t heard already, Trinidad James has started a clothing line. Over the past few weeks, the ATL rapper has been dropping hints and teasers of what you can expect from his Gold Gang brand. Now, we get a peek at what he’s been working on. Don’t expect any risky getups you always see him in. Instead, we get a straightforward T-shirt line that is a departure from his usual attention-seeking gear.

The Gold Gang collection offers T-shirts in all colors. Designs hone in mostly on themes surrounding all things Trinidad James—triple G logos, his famous gold smirk, gold brass knuckles, and his face in place of Versace’s Medusa head logo.

Rappers entering the fashion business is not a new trend. Mr. All Gold Everything is taking a route that many rappers in the past have taken, even though most of those brands are now defunct. However, none of the artists back in the day had the power of free marketing. With today's various platforms of communication—most importantly social media—anyone with Trinidad James’ reach can easily promote his brand to the masses at practically no cost. Will fans and followers latch on? Only time will tell. So far, there the only word on stockists is Sheikh Shoes