There's nothing better than a delicious slice of pizza, right? Right. But how about an entire pizza with Tom Ford's face on it? Or Anna Wintour's? And it's all still edible. Well, they exist, and they're pretty awesome. 

Glasgow-based restauranteur Domenico Crolla has created this food art, taking his favorite fashion designers and personalities, as well as celebrities and putting their faces on the dough using cheese and tomato sauce. Crolla is the owner of two Italian restaurants, Bella Napoli and Pizza Couture, and got his start working for his father. He told Fashionista that he's always "had an artistic eye" for arranging his food on a plate, and that, naturally as with most chefs, he likes to show off his food. But it wasn't until one day, "almost by accident" he says, that while working on a pizza he realized he could "create shapes, logos, and faces on a pizza." Alas, the Ford and Wintour pizzas were born (in the oven). 

In addition to Ford and Wintour, he's also done Rihanna, Beyoncé, Dita Von Teese, Cristiano Ronaldo the Pope, Bruce Lee, and the composer Giuseppe Verdi, all of whom, save for the last three mentioned, responded to Crolla and thanked him for the pizzas. "I even made Dita Von Teese go 'WOW!' Not a lot of men can make that claim," he told Fashionista. He's just waiting for Ford to reach out. When he does, Crolla plans on asking the designer for a Tom Ford Couture Chef's Jacket. 

As of right now, the pizzas aren't for sale. "These are for me works of art, and I don't think a customer will appreciate the time and skill involved," says Crolla. But he admits there is increasing demand for them, so he's considering doing special requests with all proceeds going to charity. 

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[via Fashionista]