Tiffany & Co. is the flavor of the year when it comes to jewelry heists. Just last month a man quietly walked in and racked two necklaces worth $90,000. The Associated Press now reports that a former exec has stolen more that $1.3 million worth in jewels from the famed diamond dealer. Unlike the previous robbery, this was an inside job. The exec was responsible for showing potential manufactures the jewelry, but she never check them back in. Instead she’s been selling them and pocketing the money for herself.

In total there were about 164 items that were stolen during her time with the company. This included “numerous diamond bracelets in 18-carat gold; diamond drop and hoop earrings in platinum or 18-carat gold; diamond rings in platinum; rings with precious stones in 18-carat gold; and platinum and diamond pendants” according to the criminal complaint. She has now been arrested and could face up to 20 years in prison.

Lesson: Step your security up, Tiffany’s. It’s surprising that with so many high-tech surveillance in place it’s seems very easy to just lift a few couple gems. This place should be guarded like Fort Knox.

[via Consumerist]