This blouson from nonnative is made from cotton square cloth, which must mean that this blouson is superior to other blousons. I'm fairly certain this is the case despite not having a single fucking clue what "square cloth" actually is. I like this particular jacket because it looks fairly lightweight, easily stowable and has reinforced elbows. Reinforced elbows are key if you're the kind of person that throws them bows. Not sure if you're the kind of person that throws them bows? No worries. I reached out to Ludacris, a prominent expert in the field of throwing them bows, for a list of warning signs:

1. Are you a high class, pretty ass hoe with pretty ass clothes and pretty ass toes?

2. Are you a player that can buy the bar?

3. Are you a ballin' ass n**** with a candy car?

4. Are you a pimp that knows you don't love them hoes?

5. Are you a woman chasing cash with some big titties and a matching ass and fly ass boots or open toes?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then you are at risk of throwing them bows when you're in the club and get on the floor.