You know how designers and artists get known for having a uniform of sorts? Like, Rick Owens always wears all black and Bill Cunningham always wears that blue French laborer’s jacket and Terry Richardson always wears the same flannel and pulls his dick out? Yeah, well, this guy Dale Irby CAME THROUGH AND JUST FUCKING SONNED ANYONE WHO EVER THOUGHT THEY WORE A UNIFORM. Homeboy wore the same fucking outfit in every school picture for forty years. FORTY. YEARS. I’m not sure if Mr. Irby was a cool teacher or not, but all evidence points to "yes". I mean, you gotta respect a guy that wears the same polyester shirt and sweater vest for every yearbook photo for 4 decades. I haven’t done anything for even, like, five years straight outside of masturbating. Here’s to hoping that Irby wore the same thing for so long as a sort of inside joke for his students and fellow teachers and not because he is a psychopath. Also, while perusing 40 years worth of pictures of the same guy in the same sweater vest, the thing that surprised me the most was the lack of innovation in the school picture game. You’d think in 2012 they’d have a green screen so students could have their portrait seamlessly integrated into a field of Pokemon or whatever. You already know kids would force their parents into paying extra for that shit.