Jeff Koons is a polarizing figure in the art world. He's been referred to as "the most successful artist since Warhol," and he's been called the "King of Kitsch." His works are highly praised by some and mocked by others. Whether or not you like his work, there is no denying that Jeff Koons has created an extremely lucrative brand. With several million dollars worth of art sold at auction, over 100 employees, and numerous awards and gallery shows under his belt, Koons has little left to prove, but still people just don't like him. 

Some got to know Koons after his appearance on the Colbert Report but most identify him with his Tulips or various balloon animal sculptures. To teach you more about the man who followed in Marcel Duchamp's "readymade" footsteps and took the art world by storm, we created this list of 25 Things You Didn't Know About Jeff Koons.

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