Occupation: Video Producer, Blogger at Vashtie, and Designer of Violette
What she hates: OD leather, shirts tied around the waist, gold fronts

"I am no expert and I know I wear things that guys probably hate, but I'd love to see the end of this leather sweatpant, leather basketball short, gothic font, hats with ironic or vulgar wording, long-sleeved-shirt-wrapped-waist moment. At this point, I'd much rather see a guy wear a skirt than wear a flannel wrapped around him. Even wearing a head to toe hemp would be more creative than all leather everything."
"I also think guys can give gold fronts a break. Having a guy kick it to you while keeping a half smile to show of his fronts and discreetly slurping the spit that is pooling in his mouth is no bueno."