When it comes to style, most guys think they have the formula figured out. You know what fits you perfectly, you have a very strong closet of brands we co-sign in the magazine, and you get e-daps on the Internets for your super-cool steez. You might even think your superior style gives you an edge with the flyest of the fly honeydips. The truth is, while your homies might tell you that you look fresh, girls aren't always thinking the same thing.

Isn't one of the benefits of great style supposed to be attracting the ladies? We asked some of the most influential and beautiful women what they're tired of seeing guys wear, and the answers might surprise you. So if you're looking to up your game because you want to attract the right kind of attention, take note, and be prepared for the worst. These lovely ladies pulled off the kid gloves: Here are 22 Things Men Wear That Beautiful Women Hate.

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