Tour buses feature all types of fancy lettering and graphics—also known as "wrapped" effects. Often, said effects are either the artists' faces or groups' logos plastered on the sides. However, when you're Theophilus London, faces and logos simply aren't enough. The stylish Brooklyn rapper prefers a custom made Missoni tour bus.

Theo took to Instagram a few days ago to show off his choice of transportation. He posted the photo above, followed by the caption "Out here with my Missoni custom made tour bus. #FUCKWITMEYOUKNOWIGOtIT." As you can see, the bus has the Italian fashion house's symbol, as well as its signature zig zag print. 

Some buy Missoni clothes or the Converse sneakers. Others, like Drake, want to do a sweater line with the brand. Theo prefers the "M" on his ride.  

[via @theophiluslondon]