According to The Guardian, the Yakuza have their own magazine. And here you thought the only Japanese magazines worth fake reading were the ones dedicated to "Happy Sailor" style and exhaustive cataloging of all the footwear L.L. Bean has ever manufactured. But now you can read satirical haikus and letters from Kenichi Shinoda commanding you to do good works and recounting fishing trips in a copy of Yamaguchi-gumi Shinpo. Just, kidding. You can't read this shit. It's privately distributed to members only. Did you guys know Kenichi Shinoda went to prison for murdering another Yakuza boss with a sword? TALK ABOUT SOME AMAZING EDITORIAL CONTENT RIGHT THERE. I’m currently in negotiations to start guest blogging for the Yakuza next month. If all goes well, you can stop by and see my picks for the best outfits to wear to a ritual suicide, full-body tattoo session, extortion run and a casual afternoon drug smuggling. Unsurprisingly, a shit ton of bucket hats will be involved.