If you are an artist who has work inside an outdated format (i.e VHS) you are in luck. The New Museum is hosting XFR STN (Transfer Station), a public project in which a team helps liberate media from their archaic homes. Creative works are being preserved for free  in the institution's fifth-floor gallery space and also showcased in the museum.

Artists can register for an appointment that lasts three hours, the time used by technicians to determine the best way to digitally capture the work. The process occurs in a lab with three transfer stations, two for moving image works and one for born-digital materials. Artists will have until September 8 to utilize the project.

You can make a request now for the digital preservation project. Works selected will be featured at the museum and will also be available to the public online through The Internet Archive, an online library devoted to giving permanent access to works. for scholars and every day people alike (they provide the "WayBackWhen Machine"). The project is intended to emphasize the need for artists to keep their works despite the rising cost of doing so. It is also meant to save works by artists big and small.

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