The entertainment industry isn't just about talent anymore—though that's definitely still a big component. It's also about appearance, which is why celebrities like to (or at least try to) put their best foot, jacket, or shirt forward. 

This year we saw rappers, athletes, singers, and actors undergo sartorial transformations, work with new stylists, and educate themselves on new brands. But with that said, not everyone pulled it off. Some were trendy, but being "trendy" doesn't always mean looking good in your clothes. All things considered, though, there were some who stood out from the pack.

Admittedly, they wore some of the most popular brands right now, and have tried their hand at the hottest trends. What the hell sets them apart? Without sounding like a broken record, originality (like, putting their own spin on trends), risk-taking, consistency, and mastering the art of not looking like they care too much, but still looking great in their clothes.

While usual suspects like Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, are on the list, there plenty of stylish underdogs who made the cut too. Meet the The Most Stylish Celebrities of 2013 (So Far) .

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