When Zig Ziglar passed away last year, the world's greatest candle of motivation was suddenly extinguished. The masses were lost, left aimlessly searching for somebody, anybody, to inspire them towards greatness. But here at Four Pins, we've had Marcus Troy all along.

Some of you may know Marcus as the Montreal-based prolific blogger, tweeter and Instagram icon. We know Marcus as the unwavering guiding light pushing us to be the best possible version of our personal brand that we could ever hope to brand. From influencing influencers to making taste for tastemakers, The Marcus Troy Experience™®© has never failed to deliver excellence always, in all ways. His secrets of success have single-handedly built everything we've ever achieved and we refuse to keep it to ourselves any longer. So get ready because you, dear reader, are about to become privy to the kind of information that will make even your wildest of dreams come true.

We've scoured every corner of the web that was ever lucky enough to ever be graced by the presence of Marcus Troy and meticulously packaged his wisdom into a digital ark of prestigious curation. The following gallery of motivational posters are not for the faint of influence. Read them. Study them. Print them out and hang them on your wall. But, most importantly, live them. Because this is Marcus Troy. And these are his thoughts. And these are his truths.