Whether you know it or not, SSUR is one of the oldest brands in streetwear. But the label, infamous for its "Comme des Fuckdown" collection, is relevant as ever, and has even hooked up with fellow streetwear brand The Hundreds for an L.A. pop-up shop.

In a space adjacent to The Hundreds' Rosewood location, the shop is decorated with walls that resemble flames; much like the hype the collection will ensue.

As for the clothing itself, everything is black. There are snapbacks that rep both of L.A.'s premier streetwear destinations: Rosewood and Fairfax. Also, there's a pair of sweatpants, a sweatshirt, a duffel bag, and two different skate decks—along with glasses, ashtrays, and other hype-worthy homegoods.

The pop-up event will be open until the end of July and located 7907 Rosewood Ave., L.A.

[via The Hundreds]