Graham Smith is no doubt a craftsman. An illustrator based in San Diego, Calif., he has found innovative ways to combine traditional artistic mediums with newer digital ones, giving his work both a unique process and a very specific look.

Graham says that there is a dichotomy in his approach to art. “The process that I use for my own personal artwork is very much spontaneous; the work that I do professionally is very calculated.” But his ultimate goal is to have the two intersect. “The object of the game is to get your professional work and your private work as close together as you can.”

As for his specific style, Graham cites Expressionism, demonstrated by his repeated instinct to “exaggerate the emotional qualities” in his subjects. And those subjects are vast, as Graham says he draws essentially everyone he meets. So, just be aware that if you ever run into him, you’ll more than likely wind up immortalized in his sketchbook.

Graham says that Blue Moon is a “unique and inspiring brand” to work with, for two reasons. The first is that he loves the beer. But he also appreciates Blue Moon’s use of artwork in its marketing; he feels that the artistic process is “more than skin deep” for Blue Moon—much like it is for him—and he appreciates its craftsmanship in both brewing and branding.

“Craftsmanship plays a huge role in my work,” he says, “because craftsmanship is the ability to make your artistic vision a reality. For more on Graham Smith and his artistic process, be sure to check out the video above.