We all remember the infamous "Drake" tattoo an obsessive California girl emblazoned across forehead back in 2011. Drake himself responded to the fan's excessive body art, calling her "incredible" but slamming the tattoo artist who did it. While it's common and slightly more forgivable for fans to get regrettable ink jobs, every now and then, rappers (who actually have publicists to tell them no) slip up too.

Case in point: Chris Brown and his neck tattoo of a battered-looking woman that is definitely not Rihanna. After these unfortunate tattoos made the news, we had hoped both fans and celebrities might learn a thing or two about what not to get permanently etched onto their bodies, but alas, the tattoo fails keep coming. Save for a few really horrible ones, the majority of these 30 Failed Hip-Hop Tattoos have us keeling over with laughter.

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