The maintence of your wardrobe is a never-ending hustle, the struggle never sleeps. When you make serious style investments like buying a suit or a brand new pair of raw denim, sometimes you have to pour money into keeping good gear in top form. Often, forking over money to have stuff mended or cleaned seems like the only option. 

You already know that buying shoes that can be re-soled or getting ill-fitting items tailored to perfection are some ways you can look your best while staying economically sound, but there are some other ways to keep your bank account and style in check. Yup, we're talking about life hacks. We've gathered a list of useful tips that will make worn-out clothes look brand new, save you some dough on utility bills, and prolong the life of certain pieces—all without forcing you to drop any guap.  Get your knowledge up and check out these Nifty Style Hacks That Will Save You Money.

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