It's a novel idea. Why waste time walking to the sink when you could wash your hands in the same unit that you do your business? It sounds strange, we know, but we have to honestly way these urinals have a pretty sleek, modern design. Hey, you have to give credit where credit's due.

Latvia-based, designer Kaspars Jursons is behind the new design entitled STAND. The sink is activated by sensors, making it even easier than it already was designed to be. Kaspars Jursons says the new urinals are the future of public bathrooms. "If you didn't have the habit of washing your hands after you go to the bathroom before, you will definitely be reminded now, faced with a tap right at the urinal," said the designer.

Again, it all sounds silly at first, but a recent Michigan State University study found that at least 10% of people don't wash their hands. Maybe the new design will have a very important purpose of increasing the odds that dudes wash their hands after urinating. We can only hope.

[via NYDailyNews / DesignTaxi]