Snoop Dogg Lion is a true hustler who knows a moneymaking opportunity when he sees one. Already with two streetwear collaborations under his belt, we couldn’t wait to see which brand he would partner up with next. The latest, however, might catch you and everyone else off guard. It involves online discount site He has his own section on the e-commerce store called the Snoopermarket.

For the unfamiliar, Overstock is where you can purchase practically anything from housewares and gardening equipment to hunting supplies and pet items. And everything is at severely discounted prices. This is an odd partnership since this is usually the place where extreme couponing moms hang out, but it might appeal to those broke college students trying to cop their dorm startup kits for low prices.

Besides one or two marijuana related items, all the favorites the rapper picked out wont scare any anti-weed activists groups. Snoop Lion's choices include silk blend rugs, hemp messenger bags, a tool set, sneakers, bathrobes, and more. “This is the 'Good Good' that you need to stay suited and booted, dipped and whipped," as the rapper calls it. Check out all the good good at the Overstock website and peep the commercial below.