We have enjoyed many art projects that took place in Times Square, like Tracy Emin's neon messages, JR's "Inside Out" project, and Bjork's video for "Mutual Core" by Andrew Thomas Huang. Now the area is displaying a work by Ryan McGinley (no nudity though, don't worry), showing his video "Varuo" which was made along to a track by Sigur Ros. It shows McGinley's friend Jessica Tang running through Manhattan, leaving a trail of stardust behind.

You might be wondering why Sigur Ros is involved. Well, the band started a project called the "Valtari Mystery Film Experiment" in which they allowed a select group of artists freedom to make a film for songs off of their latest album. McGinley was one of those artists and thus, "Varuo"  was born. The video was also previously shown inside of cabs in NYC. 

The work is also a part of the Times Square Arts Commission which is putting on the "Midnight Moment"  a series displaying videos on the area's large screens from 11:57 p.m. to midnight. McGinley's video will be shown throughout the month of July.

We get that the video is meant to show the beauty of small moments in a busy world. However, the art project and others that preceded it may lose their power when put in such an environment. It's hard to appreciate small moments in the fray of Times Square. Similarly, Tracy Emin's signs were shown on screens, losing the personal handwritten touch fundamental to her art. The only truly original was JR's due to the community engagement, with people rebelling against the advertising

Nevertheless, you can take a look at the work below.

[via ArrestedMotion]

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