Russian artist Petro Wodkins has been revealed as the mastermind behind these perfectly executed Armani baby diaper spoofs. The ads on Armani Russia featured babies crawling around a lavish room in high-quality Armani diapers with the tagline: "When only the best is good enough."

Many reputable sources believed the ads were legit and had to rescind their remarks when they learned the truth. Wodkins told NBC News that the spoof was, "a statement on unbridled consumption in the formerly Communist nation" and not a direct shot at Armani, but at the fashion industry as a whole. Nonetheless, Armani issued statements against the artist and his site, reassuring customers that the expensive diapers were fictional and had nothing to do with their company. 

These ads remind us of the fake reality television ads that PBS plastered the New York City subway system with, only funnier and way more believable.

[via NBCNews]

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