C24 Gallery will hold the first solo exhibition featuring the works of London-based artist Robert Montgomery in New York this September. Montgomery has become known for his text-based installations that communicate deep poetic messages to the public. While his works include billboards, signs, and various installations, the pieces have gained recognition for their power of intervention in open spaces. While today the modern digital world faces an overload of advertisements that forcefully distribute messages to potential consumers, Montgomery's works carry subtler meanings that suggest new ways of thinking.

The artist's first New York solo exhibition will display billboard texts seen in Berlin, London, and Paris, along with other neon installations and a large scale "Fire Poem." Throughout the duration of the show, Montgomery will also install a series of works throughout New York City to mark his presence in the local scene. The opening reception for the exhibition will take place on Thursday, September 12 from 6-8 PM while the show will be on display throughout October 26.

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