The Louvre might be the last place you would expect to see the Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, but today the 6-foot 2-inch tall football player was spotted checking out the Louvre's largest painting, The Wedding at Cana by late-Renaissance artist Paolo Veronese.

RGIII visited the Louvre during his honeymoon with his new bride Rebecca Liddicoat, a trip that started in Saint-Tropez last week. Today, the couple browsed the galleries at Paris' iconic museum. The Washington Post wrote of a photo of Griffin and his wife (tweeted by a fan), "I think it’s time to admit that RGIII has some weaknesses, and dressing himself is one of them."

Well-dressed or not, the newlyweds are seen discussing Veronese's gargantuan masterpiece, which depicts Jesus's water-into-wine miracle at a wedding.  It's pretty cute that the couple is looking at a wedding scene on their honeymoon. But who is the white-haired mystery man gesturing wildly at the painting?

[via: The Washington Post]