As a well-known contemporary artist and one of the richest alive, you wouldn't think that Richard Prince had time to read art publications. As it turns out, he does, and he hates what he sees. For a while now, ArtINFO has done a feature called "Richard Prince Blog Watch" in which they comment on the things that the artist writes on his website In the latest installment, they found that Prince had vented his feelings about their site and other art sites and printed magazines.

Only a direct quote would do Prince's post justice here: "CHICKEN SHIT. Art News is a piece of shit. Art Forum isn't much better, but at least they got some snappy advertisements. (Art is still full of shit). Frieze Magazine is all but unreadable. Are they deliberately trying to focus on art that's made out of chickens?" 

We think it's fair to say that no punches were held. Harsh, harsh words.

[via ArtInfo]