In 2004, Cam'ron hit his stride as the most stylish rapper in the game, even out-stunting an up-and-coming Kanye West. The rapper wore furs and still donned his signature color: pink. Sadly, those days are a far-cry from how the Harlem native dresses today. Cam has given the opulent and cozy outerwear a rest, and, instead, relies on matchy-matchy outfits that feature mediocre sneakers and fitted caps.

Once a dandy, always a dandy, but Cam has lost the flair that made him one of the most interesting voices and personalities in hip-hop. We'd like to see Killa come out of left field and reclaim his stake as one New York's best-dressed entertainers, and it would just take something out-the-box thinking. Surprise us, Cam—you always do.