There's more to being a great rapper than merely constructing a few bars and laying down a verse that doesn't suck. It's the whole image and the lifestyle that fans buy into. As materialistic as it might seem, to become a fan-favorite rapper, the emcee has to dress well, too.

There are many reasons why a rapper can be deemed stylish, and it's not just wearing a suit and tie, the latest streetwear, or high-end brands; it's about putting forth a viable image that the listener can relate to or aspire to obtain. Too many times, rappers try too hard, and end up falling flat on their face. Or maybe they don't put in enough effort. Whatever the reason, dressing well can certainly boost a rapper's ego and career. 

If only some rappers looked in the mirror a little more critically before they put themselves out to public opinion. It has gotten so bad that more than a handful of artists are better off forsaking all of the clothes that they own. Here are Rappers Who Need a New Wardrobe

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