In the last week, the art world has blown up with talk of Jay-Z's brief performance with Marina Abramovic. While some loved it, Magda Sawon, co-director of the Postmaster Gallery tweeted, "Performance art has died today" and criticized Pace Gallery for "crossbranding Jay-Z and Marina."

To that we say, to each his own. However, it is undeniable that the world of hip-hop and art have merged. What was once "one of the most impenetrable and cliquish industries," as Marina Galperina of Animal New York puts it, has opened up to everyone—and not just the eliteto enjoy. In fact, if there's anything Jay-Z's performance proves, it's that art is for everyone. 

To celebrate this revelation, we've rounded up 20 Instagrams of Rappers Putting On the Art World, courtesy of the rapper's Instagrams. Turns out that Hov's not the only one with an affinity for fine art.